Friday, May 29, 2020

Sam's Weekly Quarantine Digest #12, May 28, 2020

Hi all,

This week, my thoughts have been filled with one overwhelming emotion: gratitude.  Reading stories like this one have made me grateful for so much in my life, including much that we normally take for granted.  I am grateful for my husband (who has been putting up with my quarantine self with no breaks and has been my tether to sanity), my family (some of whom have been lucky enough to recover from Covid-19 and all of whom have been supporting me since long before this virus showed up), my friends (so many of whom are receiving this email and have taken the time to talk to me on Zoom or over email recently), my job (which is interesting and challenging), my colleagues (who are supportive and brilliant and have quickly become friends as well as coworkers), my past experiences (which have led me to so many opportunities), my apartment (where my husband and I can both work comfortably), my kitchen (where I have spent so many hours over the past few months), my collection of jigsaw puzzles and video games and books (which have made me smile and helped me relax), the sunlight streaming through my windows, the many communities to which I belong, for Amazon and FreshDirect (without which I would not have been able to quarantine as safely as I have), for Zoom (for connecting me with my family and my friends and allowing my work to continue seamlessly from home), for everyone who has continued to work during these crazy times to provide so many different services and goods for those of us who are lucky enough to be able to stay at home, for the doctors and scientists who are working on treatments and vaccines so that this crisis can finally come to an end, and for so very many other things.  All of these roses have thorns as well, but I've been taking a minute to focus on and appreciate the beautiful side.

These are crazy times - everything seems off-kilter, and it's easy to feel unfulfilled at the end of another nameless day (this email is late this week because I honestly didn't realize it was Wednesday last night).  But we have so much to be thankful for.  Take a moment to pause and look around you.  Think about those you love.  Even if you're going through difficult times right now, even if you're struggling with loss or uncertainty or fear, there is so much around you that is wonderful - don't forget to look for it.  Whether you call the glass half-full or not, remember that it's never truly empty.  If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out - I'm always here for you to lean on.

If you have suggestions or would like to stop receiving these emails, just let me know.  Previous digests can be found on my blog at


Because you're free
  • We are all lucky enough to be able to vote.  New York's presidential primary has been rescheduled for June 23rd.  Be sure to request your absentee ballot (or register if you haven't already).  The deadline for registration is Friday, May 29th; for requesting absentee ballots, it's June 16th.  You can request your ballot here (check "temporary illness" as the reason for your request - it's allowed under a recent executive order from Cuomo).  You can register here.  See here for other deadlines and instructions (such as change of address).
Because you're hungry
  • Cooking at home?  Try this Shake Shack cheeseburger pasta recipe
  • Looking to take your cooking up a notch?  Michelin-starred chefs across the world are sharing their favorite recipes!  Follow them at #MichelinGuideAtHome, or see here for a few examples if you're not on Instagram.
  • Looking for snacks on the way to your next socially-distanced picnic in a NYC park?  Check out these recommendations near the most popular parks in the city.
  • Last month, the Department of Education launched a grab-and-go lunch program for children who relied on school meal programs since schools are closed.  Now, the program has expanded to include three free meals a day for ALL New Yorkers in need - not just students.  See here for details about the 435 locations across the city where you can pick up meals if you need them.
Because you're bored
  • Have a talent you want to share with the world?  Some people have found the quarantine to be a time of great creativity, from garage bands to armchair artists.  Since the small venues, galleries, and theaters Time Out would normally visit to discover underground talent are all closed right now, they've invited up-and-coming stars to share their best stuff on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter) with the hashtag #TOinsidevoices.  If you're lucky, you'll book a showcase at the Time Out Market stage when they reopen!
  • 14 New York Times writers have shared 14 ways we're getting through these terrible times and even finding some JOY.  I hope it makes you smile as much I did when I read it!
  • Friday, May 29th, from 5-10pm is the final part of a three-day livestream to raise awareness about mental healthStronger Than You Think will cover a wide range of topics and provide support for younger generations struggling during this unprecedented time.  Performers will include stars like Glenn Close, Adam Lambert, and Liam Payne.
  • The Nerve Tank will be presenting interactive performance theater every Wednesday in June, from 12-6pm (with a recording aired every Sunday).  You can influence the performance by sending messages through their digital platform.
  • Looking for book recommendations?  Check out these selections from indie bookstores across the city.
  • Need a reminder that People Are Awesome?  Check out this YouTube channel full of videos showcasing all the amazing things we are capable of.
Because you want to give back
  • On Saturday morning, the pastry chef from the downtown restaurant Crown Shy, Sumaiya Bangee, will be hosting a cook-along brunch session.  The $5 ticket fee is a donation to Rethink Food, which helps repurpose excess food to fight both food waste and hunger.  Get your ticket here.
  • The Public Theater's fundraiser, We Are One Public, is on Monday.  Check out the online auction here (including coffee with Liev Shreiber and a cooking class with Andrew Carmellini), and tune in Monday night to see a truly incredible cast of performers!
Because you want to get fit
  • Check out these fun ways to get the whole family motivated and engaged with your workouts.
Because you want to go to law school
  • Starting law school this fall?  Harvard Law School has made its "Zero-L" online course for incoming students available to other schools for free this summer.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sam's Weekly Quarantine Digest #11: May 20, 2020

Hi everyone,

This week, I've been thinking about what social distancing really means in the long term.  Although many of us have been dutifully adhering to the rules of quarantine, it will become increasingly difficult for us to maintain physical separation for the many months or even years until a vaccine becomes widely available, and the risk will increasingly feel outweighed by the reward.  In areas of the country and the world that have reopened to some extent, restaurant owners have found creative ways to enforce social distancing and keep customers safe, from building private greenhouses for each table to asking customers to wear pool noodle hats or even bumper boats with a three-foot radius.  I also wonder about how to feel present while remaining physically separate - even once I'm able to meet up with my friends again, I won't be able to hug them hello, and whispered conversations won't be safely possible.  And yet, I know scores of grandparents who have made long trips just to stand 6 feet away from their grandchildren, so there's something about nearness (even without touch), and talking to someone without a screen between us, that fills part of this need we have to be "close."  (See here for the official advice from experts on grandparent visits.).

While we don't yet have all the answers, the concept of "bubbling" (slowly and carefully expanding your quarantine contacts to include a select few other people who quarantine as strictly as you do) seems to hold some promise, and New York is set to permit religious gatherings of up to 10 people beginning this Thursday, so perhaps life will slowly begin to return to normal bit by bit.  In the meantime, I encourage you all to find a meaningful way of connecting with others, whether that's through socially-distanced picnics (no shared food, wear masks, keep your distance!) or through phone calls and emails and cards to those whom you know may need a little extra love and support right now, or even just baking something delightful for yourself and your quarantine-mates.  This too shall pass.  In the meantime, do what you can and what you must to (safely) help yourself and your loved ones stay positive!


To smile and relax
  • NASA has released the first full map of the moon, and it's beautiful!
  • Mohonk Mountain House is hosting its annual Tulip Festival online, including tours of the tulips led by the head gardener, mindful meditation sessions amongst the flowers, and pastel tutorials.  Check out this colorful collection of activities here.
  • Netflix has a new British show about competitive gardening.  Yes, you read that right - it's called The Big Flower Fight.  I'm watching the first episode as I draft this email, and thus far it's everything I hoped it would be.
  • Have you been experiencing new or worse neck and back pain since you've started working from home?  You're not alone.  Spear Physical Therapy (which I cannot recommend highly enough if you're in need of PT) has been offering ergonomics workshops and live workouts (as well as remote 1:1 appointments).  Check out their YouTube Channel for recordings of past events.  You can also check out this guide to properly setting up your home workspace, and this ergonomics workshop with plenty of stretches and exercises to relieve pain and loosen tight muscles.

To eat and create
  • Recipe of the Week: Pecan Pesto: Last week's white wine-butter sauce was quite popular, so here's another sauce recipe, for a fantastic pesto I made last week.  A traditional pesto includes garlic, pine nuts, basil, cheese, and olive oil.  There are two problems with that for me: pine nuts are hard to find in grocery stores right now, and I don't love basil.  So I subbed in pecans for the pine nuts, and a handful of chives, rosemary, and thyme for the basil.  It turned out beautifully, and even my husband gave it two thumbs up.  So here goes: Place 1/2 cup pecans, a small bunch of chives (maybe about 20 total, sliced), a small bunch of rosemary (ideally minced - I used maybe 1/2 to 1 tbsp) and thyme leaves (I used maybe 1/2-1 tsp), 1 tsp minced garlic and 1 cup parmesan cheese to a food processor; blend until even consistency (should be a sort of sandy texture).  Drizzle in 1/4 cup olive oil and a splash of pasta water; add more of either or both as needed to reach desired consistency.  Add protein if desired (I tossed in sautéed chicken with a little chimichurri seasoning and rosemary salt (highly recommended if you followed my advice from a few weeks ago and ordered from The Filling Station!)).  And since this pesto is so good and you're going to want a lot of it in each bite, I recommend using a pasta with a grippy, sauce-holding shape, like fusilli, rotini, or radiatore.
  • The Jewish Food Festival is taking place through May 28, filled with tons of workshops, discussions, cooking demonstrations, and more.  Even if you're not Jewish, take a look at the schedule to see if there are sessions you might be interested in, and check out the recipes available for download on their website.
  • If you live near me in downtown Manhattan, the Downtown Alliance maintains this list of restaurants that are open for delivery, takeout, or both.
To distract and instruct
  • Sony Pictures Kid Zone is chock full of arts & crafts, learning aids, and physical movement ideas for kids in quarantine.
  • Embark, a company that offers dog DNA testing, has put together some great resources for learning about genetics, with activities ranging from dog-themed coloring books and bingo cards for young kids to genetics lessons for "high school and above."  

To give and share
  • One of our most important civic duties is to VOTE.  With the ongoing difficulties the pandemic presents for voting in-person, you may prefer to submit an absentee ballot.  New York is now allowing anyone "affected by Covid-19" (including those who are concerned about the risk of exposure) to request one.  Request your absentee ballot NOW
  • Early in the quarantine, I shared information about how to donate your iPad to hospitals for use with patients who were isolated with no visitors due to Covid-19 (and I donated my own).  The group who organized that project made this lovely video about the impact it's had.  If you'd like to join the effort, check out
  • Tune into Feed the Front Lines, a benefit concert featuring performances from many of the biggest names in country music.  The organization was started during the past few months to address the dual goals of supporting struggling restaurants and their workers while also providing meals to those who need them most (including both front-line workers and communities in need across the country).  The concert was taking place all day today, with the concert kicking off at 8pm tonight, but there are also recordings on their website and their YouTube channel, and the window to donate doesn't expire.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sam's Weekly Quarantine Digest #10: May 13, 2020

Hi everyone,

This week, the entertainment options continue to multiply, including many for kids - there's seemingly an option for anything you can think of to fill your evenings.  While temporary cheering-up can be helpful, remember the silver lining of the quarantine as well: With fewer people driving their cars and essentially no rush hour traffic globally, city-dwellers around the world have noticed Mother Nature reclaiming areas previously overtaken by smog and cars: the vistas in cities like Los Angeles and Jakarta have opened up to clear blue skies, and wildlife has been spotted in cities across the world, including deer in Japanese subway stations, wild boars in central Barcelona, mountain goats in the streets of Wales, and fish repopulating the canals of Venice.  Check here and here for photos and maps showing the disappearing smog and the beautiful results, and see this viral video for a poignant message about how our world could change if we keep these trends going.

As always, if you have suggestions or want to stop receiving these emails, just let me know.  Previous digests are posted on my blog at  Feel free to share these with anyone who might find them helpful; if they want to get weekly updates, they can follow the blog or you can send me their email.


For the Fun

The arts
  • Tomorrow (Thursday), The Jazz Foundation of America is hosting #TheNewGig, a show to benefit its Covid-19 Musicians Emergency Fund, hosted by Keegan-Michael Key and including performances by Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Jon Batiste, and many more.
  • The Public Theater is presenting a play about Zoom calls called What Do We Need to Talk About? The Apple Family: Zoom Conversations.  It's available on their YouTube channel and on their website, now through June 28.  The show is a continuation of a series The Public has performed in the past, The Apple Family Plays, picking up with them during their now suspended and quarantined lives.
  • Martha Graham is offering "Martha Matinee" performances on the dance company's YouTube channel twice a week.
  • Live in Greenpoint?  Check out this art exhibit series a local artist is hosting in her apartment windows, which you can view from a safe distance.
  • Missing the days when you could invite friends over to play board games?  Me too.  Check out the image above, featuring a huge list of online sites to play popular board games.  Note: This was forwarded to me by a friend whose friend found it on the Internet, so apologies for the lack of attribution - if anyone knows the source, I'd be very happy to update it!
  • You can also play Wheel of Fortune online here.
  • The AARP has also made a bunch of games available, all of which are aimed at their target audience of 65+ adults, but many of which are fun for all ages.
Virtual tours and landmarks online
  • With Ellis Island closed to visitors, their staff will now personally help your research your ancestors.  For $30 and some information about the family member you're interested in, their researchers will send you the ship's manifest with numerous details about your family's arrival in America.  The manifest will be sent to you digitally for now, with a physical copy mailed once the office re-opens.
  • I've mentioned multiple times that many museums are now offering virtual tours or online access to their collections.  Google Arts & Culture has centralized a huge selection of them here.  Time for a field trip!
  • Virtual tours and live cams have also expanded to zoos, aquariums, and more: Check out the Atlanta Zoo's Panda Cam, the Georgia Aquarium (featuring penguins and whales), the Houston Zoo, the San Diego Zoo (allowing you to switch between koalas, polar bears, tigers, and more), and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Other awesome options
  • McNally Jackson is offering a new "Ask a Bookseller" tool, where you can write a few words about your favorite authors and what you're looking for, and in a few days, someone will get back to you with detailed suggestions.  You can then order directly from McNally Jackson and help support one of NYC's few remaining independent bookshops. 
  • When we're not in an apocalypse lockdown, 92Y offers dozens (maybe hundreds?) of classes, on every topic you can think of.  They've now expanded those offering to a digital format.  Check out the astounding breadth of topics here.
  • The only thing more painful than being the designated IT guru in your family is trying to do it remotely!  Relive those glorious moments (hours?) of trying to teach your parents how to use Zoom with this priceless video!
  • Missing the outdoors?  Saw Mill River Audobon is hosting online bird talks and other nature-related offerings.
  • Those of you who prefer the urban jungle might appreciate these striking images of New York City from the past few weeks.
  • The Resolution Project, an organization I've been involved with for over a decade, is hosting a day of gratitude, positive news, and giving, called Giving AMPlified, on May 18th, in honor of the 518 Resolution Fellows who are continuing to undertake their life-changing work during this crisis.  Check out the details of the event and the incredible work of this organization here.  I included this one last week, but it's important to me, so I wanted to remind you to join me!

For the Kids (and the kids at heart)
  • Tired of reading books for yourself?  Miss the glory days of waiting in line at Barnes & Noble to buy the next Harry Potter book at midnight?  Ever wish Daniel Radcliffe would read you a bedtime story?  Well, you're in luck on all counts: The Harry Potter at Home project features famous friends from the Wizarding World taking turns reading chapters of the first book.  (Daniel Radcliffe kicked it off with Chapter One, and Eddie Redmayne joined for the most recent reading.)
  • On a similar note, Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams have led the charge for a group of celebrities (including Jimmy Fallon, Camila Cabello, Reese Witherspoon, and Kamala Harris so far) who have live-streamed themselves reading their favorite children's books "to provide fun and education to kids and parents stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak."  They're asking for donations to support Save the Children and No Kid Hungry in order to provide meals to children who rely on the food they normally get in schools.  Check out the #SavewithStories Instagram page to access the videos.
  • Scholastic Learn at Home offers "day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing" and includes resources for kids, parents, and teachers, organized by grade level.
  • Looking for something that will keep the kids occupied for a half hour?  Check out the Kennedy Center's Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems and Thank You Thursdays.  (Mo Willems is a writer, animator, and voice actor who created the TV series Sheep in the Big City and has worked on Sesame Street and The Off-Beats.)
  • Rye Playland might still be closed, but it's offering would-be parkgoers the opportunity to play a bunch of themed online games here
For the Kitchen
  • Magnolia Cupcakes has released the recipe for their famous classic vanilla cupcakes!  Enough said.
  • Recipe of the week: White wine butter pasta sauce.  One of my favorite sauces to make is also incredibly simple.  Start with some chopped garlic and equal parts white wine and butter (I usually do 1/4-1/2 cup each).  Heat on medium-low until slightly reduced (about 1-2 minutes; if you're worried about the garlic burning, you can add it after a few minutes, although I usually don't have that problem with this particular preparation for some reason).  Add some sage or rosemary if you have them on hand, a pinch of salt, and a splash of pasta water.  Finish with 1/2 cup parmesan cheese if desired.  It all takes less than 5 minutes to come together and is absolutely delicious!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Sam's Weekly Quarantine Digest #9: May 6, 2020

Hi all,

This week's digest is chock full of culture! There continue to be an enormous number of organizations bringing their art online and sharing it with the world for free. There are also a bunch more recipes from iconic eateries that have been shared with the world, and therefore also with you.

I've also been reflecting on what it means to be and to feel connected, especially after reading this article. Although I miss connecting with my friends and family in all the familiar ways, and I wonder when I'll next be able to get a hug from anyone other than my husband, it's also pretty incredible to look at the new ways in which the digital world allows us to interact. This Sunday, I'll be celebrating Mother's Day with my family - but instead of only including the usual suspects from the Tri-State Area, we'll have family members who usually can't be present (like my in-laws in Alaska!) joining us in exactly the same way as everyone else. This past weekend, I was feeling a bit sad because I was supposed to be in Barcelona, about to embark on a two-week cruise with my parents and my husband - but instead, I did a puzzle that really captured the essence of Barcelona, and I took a virtual tour of Sagrada Familia, which just might be my favorite place on Earth. My regular brunches with one of my life-long best friends has been moved to Google Hangouts, and my husband's close friends from college all hang out on Zoom every other Saturday night, with kids or cocktails or games depending on our mood.

I know that the transition online has not been seamless for many of us, so please reach out if you need some tips or some technological tutoring. I'm also always available for a video chat or a phone call if you'd like to hang out - sometimes it can be hard to say "I'm lonely." So I'll say it for you - I'm feeling lonely, and I'd be thrilled to talk to you any time. I am always just an email, text, phone call, or Zoom invite away.

Previous digests can be found on my blog at If you have suggestions or would like to stop receiving these emails, just let me know.


Take Care of Your MindThe Arts
  • The American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is hosting an online fundraising performance called ABT: Together Tonight at 7pm on May 12th.
  • The Public Theater is also hosting an online fundraising performance called We Are One Public (hosted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) on June 1st.
  • 92Y is making Nora & Delia Ephron's acclaimed Love, Loss, and What I Wore available to stream, from now through May 25th. Tune in here.
  • Playing Animal Crossing? If you're looking for some more high-brow decor for your avatar's home, check out the game's collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art here! You can choose from over 406,000 works to hang on your virtual wall. I'm sorry, maybe you didn't notice that number: that's more than four hundred and six THOUSAND works of art!
  • The Guggenheim has made over 200 art books available for download. These exhibition catalogs are being offered completely free of charge.
  • Fancy yourself an art connoisseur, but don't have any training? MoMA has made a number of online art classes available through Coursera.
  • Miss your concert-going days? Does great music relax you? Want to piss off that neighbor who's been making loud noises early every morning? Book Concerts from Cars to come play a 15-minute show on the street outside your building - they wear masks and play from in or near their cars, and they keep the performances short to avoid drawing a crowd.
  • I haven't mentioned this one since my first Quarantine Digest, so I thought I'd recirculate it: The Metropolitan Opera is continuing nightly performance livestreams. This week includes La Nozze di Figaro and La Bohème.
Other Entertainment Options
  • Looking for a new rabbit hole to jump down? Check out this list of weird and fascinating Wikipedia articles that will have your head spinning and will make you want to click every link.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court began broadcasting its oral arguments this week, beginning with a trademark case this past Monday where even Justice Thomas joined in the virtual fun with multiple questions for both sides. You can find the audio streams at, and the arguments are being followed by breakdowns led by experts in the relevant fields. Six more cases are on the docket next week - you can see the full schedule here.
Coping Strategies
  • Are you a student in law school? (Spoiler alert: I know a bunch of you are.). The NYSBA is offering two webinars targeted at current law school students. One focuses on tips for paying off your student loans, and the other includes general coping strategies and advice for navigating the uncertainty of these crazy times. Both are free for NYSBA law student members.
  • If you've been feeling down, check out the wonderful website called Stuck at Home, Together from The Foundation for Art & Healing and The Unlonely Project.
Take Care of Your Stomach
  • Tomorrow (Thursday), the Cheesecake Factory will be hosting an online cooking class featuring their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Chicken & Broccoli Pasta. Tune in on Facebook Live at 4pm EDT.
  • Missing the classic NYC food experiences? Check out these iconic recipes from Junior's Cheesecake and Shake Shack!
  • The Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA has shared its chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  • Eataly is now delivering through Caviar, Uber Eats, and DoorDash. Check out the details and place an order here.
Take Care of Your Friends
  • Call three people this week and tell them why you love them, respect them, or miss them. Imagine how you'd feel getting that call!
  • Have a friend with a birthday or anniversary coming up, or someone who just needs a little love right now? Try sending them the gift of self-care: bath bombs, a tea sampler or chocolates, puzzles and games, an art set, or anything else you know they love. Not only will it cheer them up, but they'll think of you every time they reach for those items, which can really help dispel the loneliness we're all feeling right now.
  • The Resolution Project, an organization I've been involved with for over a decade (Oliver, can you believe it's been that long?!), is hosting a day of gratitude, positive news, and giving, called Giving AMPlified, on May 18th, in honor of the 518 Resolution Fellows who are continuing to undertake their life-changing work during this crisis. Check out the details of the event and the incredible work of this organization here.

Sam's Weekly Quarantine Digest #8: April 30, 2020

Hi all,

As the weeks go by, it gets harder to pretend this is a short-lived thing.  Many of us have now been in quarantine for 50 days or more.  If you haven't already, take a few minutes this weekend to think about what makes you happy and how you can recreate that in quarantine.  Miss your friends and family?  Put virtual "brunch" or "coffee" on calendar, and invest the time to teach your least-tech-savvy family members to use Zoom!  Miss the movies?  Turn the lights down, throw that popcorn in the microwave, and rent one of the new releases that are now available through Prime Video, Sling, Google Play, and more.  The "ticket" will cost the same, but you'll save big on food and drinks and you won't have to use a public bathroom - it's a win!  Miss getting a haircut?  Well...maybe don't tackle this one right now - best to wait for professional help.  But this hair mask has banished my split ends - sorry folks, that's the best I can do for you for right now.

Got suggestions?  Want to stop getting these emails?  Just let me know.  Looking for previous digests?  They’re all on my blog at

Stay home, stay healthy, and stay positive - we've got this!


Share the Love
  • My incredible cousin, Ava, wanted to make sure the essential workers in her life knew just how grateful she is that they're still working every day to make things easier for the rest of us.  Check out this video of what she did to get her message out!  What can you do to let someone know how much they've helped you?
  • A24 film studios has opened their prop closet to do their part to help out.  They're auctioning off props from their TV shows and movies (including a crazy dress made of flowers from Midsommar and the purple hoodie from Euphoria.  Proceeds will help hospitals, food banks, and more.
  • Previous digests have dozens of great ways to give back to your community - check them out if you haven't already.

Share the Laughter
  • The Skint: Multiple people alerted me this week to this newsletter of virtual activities in and around NYC.  They've got some good stuff in there, so if you've still got some downtime to fill, check it out!
  • Wish you could wander around Silicon Valley?  We may be stuck at home, but thanks to a creative investor who created a virtual version, you can still visit the Valley here.
  • Tired of JackBox?  NY Mag created a list of board games to play over Zoom; see here.
  • There are now over 2,500 museums with virtual tours/artwork, so there's no excuse not be cultured during the quarantine!
  • See Harvard emails
  • New York Times' At Home newsletter contains fun articles and links to live events, such as a music critic discussing How to Tawk Like a New Yawker, and a climate reporter discussing how to eat sustainably and make the most of what's already in your kitchen.
  • The New York City Ballet is having a digital spring season, from now through May 29th.  Check here for details about the great programs they've put together, including performances and discussions, as well as workouts, and dance classes!

Share the Flavor
  • Some of your favorite local bakers have opened pop-up delivery businesses while their restaurants are closed.  Sure, you could subscribe to a beauty box to try a new moisturizer...or you can subscribe to a dozen pastries that show up your door weekly or monthly!  Check out the details here.
  • Recipe of the Week: One Single Scone: In a food processor (or with your hands), combine 1/3 cup flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, and 1 tbsp sugar.  Pulse 1 tbsp cold butter (cut into small cubes) into the dry ingredients until it breaks up and resembles crumbs.  Add in you mix-ins of choice (cranberries? walnuts? blueberries?) and 2 1/2 tbsp milk, and pulse until the dough pulls away from the side of the mixer (should be just a moment).  Carefully pull the dough away from the blade and shape into a circle, patting it to about 1/2-inch thick.  Bake at 450 degrees on a parchment-lined pan for 8-10 minutes until golden brown.  Let cool slightly before digging in!
  • Kitchen.Rodeo features downtown Manhattan chefs offering a slew of cooking classes, many offering to teach you some of the most popular recipes from their restaurants.  Proceeds go to local charities like City Harvest and the Food Bank for New York City.
Share the Toilet Paper
  • Still looking for hand sanitizer?  Just about every morning, Bath & Body Works restocks their supply of at least one fragrance of hand sanitizer.  Just check here starting at 6am EST and be ready to be quick on the click!  (I've slept in til 9am and still found some, and they still have plenty of hand soaps and hand creams around the clock.)  And if the elusive Donut PocketBac holder comes back into stock, please let me know!
  • Masks are popping up everywhere!  Check your favorite clothing brand first.  If they're not selling any masks, try here for a list of fashionable options (including some kid-sized options, like Maisonette.  Looking for sillier options, like dog snouts?  Try here or here.  Even kitchen utensil  and apron companies are getting in on the mask action.  Many brands are offering them at buy one, donate one pricing, so you'll also be helping essential workers.