Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Sam's Weekly Quarantine Digest #1: March 19, 2020

Hi everyone,

Although this started as a blog focused on cookies and baking in general, there are times when the world needs more than a great cookie (hard to believe, I know).  I've been sending out a weekly "Quarantine Digest" to my team at work, but I'm also going to start sharing them here as well for everyone to enjoy.  Subscribe to the blog using the link in the margin if you're interested in getting updates when the next digest gets posted! Here's the first list, and the rest will be posted shortly, with weekly updates to follow.



When you really start getting antsy being stuck in your apartment (or really need to distract whomever is there with you so you can get some work done), don’t forget that there are lots of free streaming options right now in the hard-hit entertainment sector. Here are some of the coolest ones I’ve seen so far:

  • The Metropolitan Opera is streaming live every evening at 7:30pm (and will be available for 20 hours thereafter) – you can access it through their app on most mobile/smart devices, or go to their homepage (Tip: Try the apps first, because the wait time is pretty long to get into the stream via their homepage – almost as though most people didn’t already have the app downloaded…).
  • BroadwayHD is offering a limited-time free streaming subscription to access their library of Broadway performances.
  • Free streaming concert from 92Y (their daily newsletter also has tips for crafts and other activities to keep kids occupied while their parents are working from home).
  • Virtual museum tours (a whole bunch of museums offer this these days – this article lists some of the most prominent ones).
  • A lot of artists have been streaming performances from wherever they’re quarantined, including John Legend, Chris Martin from Coldplay, and Keith Urban – check out #TogetherAtHome if you’re curious.
  • Baking/cooking – If you’re looking for a place to start, here is the link to last year’s Cookie Party recipe collection – I don’t have this year’s in a sharable format yet, but I will soon and will update this link.

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